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26 May 2011

Continuing in Faith

God continues to do wonderful things in and through the life of His dear ones.  I am so blessed to witness the grand works of God around the globe.  Last week, while preaching in my local church, I saw the Father do some incredible things!  

I have been preaching through the book of Acts and on that Sunday I was preaching from 16: 11-15.   Following the message I witnessed four former Catholics come forward during the invitation to express, not only their faith in Christ, but their desire to follow the Lord Jesus in baptism.  There were at least three others who came to indicate their decision for baptism!  

As I thought on this and listened to the spoken testimony of all of these who came for baptism, the recurring theme was that of obedience.  God is certainly teaching all of His children the importance of obeying His word.  As I witness all that He is doing around the world I am reminded that our love for God and our obedience go hand in hand.  If you love God, you WILL obey Him.  Is your love for God being fleshed out today?

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